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Lifeline for Struggling Families

The end of the month is a stressful time for Sophia.  Like many single moms who have been homeless, and are working hard to live independently after leaving the shelter, more than 75% of Sophia's pay cheque goes to pay the rent.  What's left over is barely enough to survive.

When families staying at the Red Door are ready to move on with their lives, the most challenging obstacle they face is finding affordable housing.  Today in Toronto, the state of affordable housing for struggling families is grim.  There are near 100,000 families on the wait-list for subsidized housing, and private market rental rates continue to climb with the exorbitant price of real-estate.

Although we advocate for subsidized housing for families moving out, because of the extremely limited space, many families end up moving into private market rental units.  We help them find housing that is as affordable as possible, but with the high cost of rent, this can still leave many families in a very vulnerable position, spending over three quarters of their income on rent alone.

Single moms like Sophia are hit the hardest. 

But when times are tough, Sophia knows that she has a lifeline in the Red Door's Food Bank.  Every week, families who have moved out of the shelter can visit our Food Bank and have access to fresh and staple foods they need, and receive donated grocery store gift cards.  They are also provided with TTC fare to cover their transportation costs to and from the Food Bank. 

For many families, this is simply a critical support that they couldn't survive without.

For Sophia, the Food Bank is about more than just groceries.  It means that at the end of the month she won’t have to make the difficult choice between paying the rent and feeding her children. 

It means that Sophia and her family can rebuild their lives after being homeless.

“I know that I can ask for help if I need anything. It means so much.” - Sophia, mother of 2

This year more than 200 families will need support from our Food Bank.  We simply can't provide this vital service without you.

Here's how you can help.  Walk 5k with us to support mothers like Sophia who are recovering from homelessness and abuse.

Join Team Red Door in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5k walk on October 16th.  It's a fun, flat and easy walk that you can do in an hour, but the positive impact will last a lifetime.

Right now we have over 25 team members who are raising funds for their walk in support of our Food Bank.  Join us, and together we can provide 1,000 meals for families who are struggling to make ends meet.  

Sign-up today to walk with us, OR if you can't make it on the 16th, you can donate now to help match our team's fundraising.   

We truly appreciate your support.

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