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Every kid has the right to a childhood

I’m sure you agree that every kid has the right to a childhood - to make friends, to learn, and to grow.  A healthy childhood is the foundation of a successful future.

But it's hard to have a childhood when you are homeless.  Your whole world stops. You feel helpless, confused, and afraid. To be a normal kid seems a world away.  

Ashley remembers the day she and her mom were evicted.

"As a kid, you don’t really know what’s happening.  I remember coming home with our groceries and we were locked out.  My mom started going into hysterics.  I was confused. I was embarrassed.  I felt like my life had just stopped.”

A kind security guard gave Ashley's mother the address for Red Door.  They stayed at the Red Door for 3 months, and Ashley remembers how important the After School program was to help her through this difficult time:

"For the first time, I felt like I was part of something.  Everyone was there because they were facing adversity, and we were all in it together.  I knew things would get better.” 

When Ashley finished college and began her career, she immediately started giving back to the Red Door to support other children in need:

"I’ve been donating because I know what it’s like as a child in the shelter, and I know how much it benefited us."

Ashely knows first-hand that the work she supports at the Red Door changes lives.

Your donations fund programs for homeless children that provide emotional support and bonding experiences that are so critical to creating a strong and healthy foundation for a brighter future.

When you give to the Red Door, you are making change possible for kids like Ashley.

The need is urgent.  Every year over 300 children stay at the Red Door with their families.

Please join Ashley and give your gift today so every kid can have their childhood back, and the brighter future they deserve.

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