Future of emergency family shelter at risk: March 2014 | Red Door Family Shelter

Future of emergency family shelter at risk: March 2014

Exterior of original family shelter building

By Kathryn Hill

In March 2014 the Red Door announced the shocking news that our 106-bed family shelter was at risk of closure.

The site at 875 Queen St. E. had been sold by the owners to a developer who had then gone into receivership. The land was up for sale to any buyer who could pay and they didn't have to care about the family shelter or the people who need it.

In response the Red Door Family Shelter got ready to fight back!

“The Red Door has been providing shelter beds for vulnerable families at this location for over 30 years. We are an integral part of the South Riverdale community. We do not want to leave, and we certainly do not want to reduce the number of beds we offer homeless families in need.” Bernnitta Hawkins, Executive Director (retired)

For more information: www.reddoorshelter.ca/building-hope

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