Holiday Message from Executive Director Bernnitta Hawkins | Red Door Family Shelter

Holiday Message from Executive Director Bernnitta Hawkins

mom and two young girls

For a mother fleeing abuse with her children, a family facing eviction, or refugees escaping violence in their home country, the shock, anxiety and despair is overwhelming.

Yet the resilience that moms and children at the Red Door show is truly inspiring.

Recently, a family arrived at the shelter escaping domestic abuse - a mom with two young girls aged 7 and 10.  They looked so lost and bewildered.  The youngest child couldn’t contain her sadness and just burst into tears. Her brave mom, put her hand gently on her child’s back and said “One day at a time dear. Just take it one day at a time”.

Even under the most devastating circumstances families at the Red Door demonstrate every day that there is always hope for a better tomorrow. 

Red Door builds on that hope with supportive programs to help moms and children to heal and thrive.

Generous supporters like you can create real change.

In 2017, more than 500 moms and kids will arrive at the Red Door seeking refuge, with hope for a brighter future.  Together we can turn that hope into real, positive change. 

If you haven't made a gift this year, Please donate now.  

There is alway hope for a better tomorrow.  But that hope begins with you. You can help end family homelessness, one family at a time.  

With warmth and thanks,

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Bernnitta Hawkins
Executive Director
Red Door Family Shelter

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