A Holiday Message from our President and Chair | Red Door Family Shelter

A Holiday Message from our President and Chair

mom and baby

Hope.  It's what gives us the courage to move forward.  Hope for ourselves.  Hope for our children.  Hope for the future.

It's difficult to imagine what so many moms and children at the Red Door have been through; being evicted and forced out into the cold, fleeing abuse at the hands of a partner, or escaping violence in their home country.

No matter the circumstances, the Red Door offers a place where hope can thrive.

When Sarah arrived at the Red Door with her daughter to escape from her abusive husband, she sat down in the family room and the shock of her situtation finally registered for her.  She began to cry.

"I was afraid, and I couldn’t help questioning myself. Did I make the right decision? One of the other mothers came up to me and hugged me. “It’ll be alright”, she said. Then I felt an immediate sense of hope and family that made me realize that despite everything, this was truly the first day of a new beginning."

Red Door can build on that hope with supportive programs to help moms and children heal and thrive.

This is why your support matters. Please donate now.

In 2018, more than 500 moms and children will need the Red Door to provide refuge, and keep hope alive for a brighter future.  Together we can help these families turn hope into real and lasting positive change.

There is always hope for a brighter future.  Your support helps keep that hope alive for families in crisis.  Thank you.   

With warm thanks,


Ann Elliott

President and Chair
Red Door Family Shelter

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