Online/Virtual Fundraising Event Ideas | Red Door Family Shelter

Online/Virtual Fundraising Event Ideas

Host an online or virtual event, honour someone you love, celebrate a birthday, begin a personal challenge; the possibilities are endless! This is a great way to engage kids of all ages - educate them about issues surrounding homelessness and teach them how they can make a difference!

Here are some ideas to help get started:

1) Challenge

Take part in a challenge while raising money. Find something entertaining, challenging, or just plain fun!

A read-a-thon/book-a-thon – ask your friends and family to support you by the book or by the hours read – particularly good for kids!

An all-day game challenge: collect pledges and play a board game for 12 hours straight

A physical challenge: for every $10 raised, commit to climbing flights of stairs, doing a certain number of push-ups, planks, or some other physical feat; live stream or video your results

Dares: head-shaving, hair dying, singing on your front porch in a silly costume

2)   Live-Stream Speaker/TED talk style

Ask an interesting speaker (or more), who could make for a great hour of inspiration or education. Host a livestream presentation where you can have each speaker present from the friendly confines of their own home to your community. Use Facebook Live, Instagram, or YouTube to live stream the event.

3) Special Occasion Fundraiser

Include a fundraising component for your virtual celebration of special occasions.  Ask your friends and family to donate in place of gifts for your birthday, wedding/anniversary, graduation, or other milestone.  Consider choosing a particular program to focus on (i.e. food bank, moving program, etc.).

4) Virtual Talent Show/Open Mic Night

A virtual talent show or open mic night is a great way to showcase the talents of family & friends, without needing to crowd into a theatre setting. Get your creative juices flowing, use a live stream or group video meeting platform like Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Zoom or Houseparty.

5.) Virtual get-together with friends.

Include a fundraising component for your next virtual get-together with family and friends. From virtual game nights to virtual book club meetings and virtual dinner parties, whether it’s about fundraising or just bringing people together to stay connected, a virtual gathering helps us to help homeless families during a time when remote connectivity is critical.

How your fundraising can make a difference:

$100 - provides a baby care package for a new mom at the shelter.

$250 - funds a day trip for children at our shelter to attend a local attraction.

$500 - moves a family into their new home with essential furniture and household items.

$1,000 - provides 5 families with groceries and supplies from our weekly food bank for 1 month.