Top 5 Virtual & Online Fundraising Tips | Red Door Family Shelter

Top 5 Virtual & Online Fundraising Tips

Due to current social isolation policies, many traditional fundraising events are going virtual! These events can be fun and engaging for your friends, family, customers, and community, and will help us continue to raise much needed funds for our services.


  1. Online events are easy to plan and execute, because they aren’t as complex logistically as physical events. 
  2. Virtual events are incredibly cost-effective compared to live charity events
  3. Technology like Zoom and Facebook Live make it possible for attendees to feel connected, even though they’re not together. You can also recruit even more supporters who otherwise may not have been able to attend in person due to space/cost restrictions.

Top Tips:

  1. Choose a theme and find the right online event or virtual fundraiser for you and your audience. It should be fun & easy! Here are some great ideas to get you started.
  2. Promote the event and get people excited! Consider setting up an event webpage if possible and use social media. We are happy to promote your event for you too!
  3. Highlight the purpose of the fundraiser. Consider supporting a particular Red Door Program like Children’s’ Programs or our Food Bank.
  4. Choose a fundraising goal. Make it ambitious, but achievable!
  5. Set up a Red Door Champions page that includes information about the event where supporters can fundraise, donate and track the event’s progress.