Homeless children need your help today | Red Door Family Shelter

Homeless children need your help today

On any given night, there are more than 80 children and youth seeking refuge at the Red Door with their families because they have nowhere else to go.

Children and youth are innocent victims of homelessness. When they come to the Red Door with their families they have already experienced terrible events in their young lives. Many are traumatized by domestic violence, eviction, war, and life as refugees.

Without a home, children have no roots… and without roots they can’t imagine their future.

“I felt like my life had just stopped.” - Anna

You can give homeless kids their childhood back.

Your donations fund supportive, caring programs that promote healthy development, provide emotional support and offer fun recreational experiences.

  • Healthy development of preschoolers: helping children to develop early learning and social skills in a safe, nurturing environment.
  • Help school kids learn: providing homework assistance and tutoring so they can keep up at school and recreational activities, crafts, and exciting day trips around the city.
  • Life skills for teenagers:  providing workshops for teenagers and their parents on topics such as violence prevention, youth and the law, and health. 

The need is urgent.  Every year over 300 children stay at the Red Door with their families.

We need your help to give these kids back their childhood so that they can have the brighter future that they deserve.