Give Homeless Familes the Miracle of Hope | Red Door Family Shelter

Give Homeless Familes the Miracle of Hope

Right now, across the Greater Toronto Area, children are dreaming about the holidays - opening presents, eating candy, and playing with new toys.

Families at the Red Door Shelter are thinking about the holidays too. Children are desperately hoping that their dreams will come true. And their parents’ greatest wish for the holidays is that their kids are happy and safe.

“The kids are the ones who suffer the most when we don’t have the things that are necessary.” - Evia

Moms like Evia want to give their children the world, and will do everything they can to protect and care for them.   Many brave mothers arrive at the Red Door fleeing desparate situations - but they’re fuelled by their determination to make a brighter future for their children.

You can help.

Your support changes lives. Your donations fund the vital programs that give parents in crisis the safety and compassionate care that they need for themselves and their children. Not only does this mean that they can rebuild their life, but they are making a brighter future for their family.

  • Safety and Sanctuary: providing moms and their children with immediate sanctuary and a plan that will safeguard against future contact with their abuser.
  • Counselling and legal support: providing emotional support, counselling and guidance through the legal or immigration process.
  • Housing and Outreach:  support to secure safe and affordable housing when the time is right.

The need is urgent. Every year over 200 homeless families seek shelter at the Red Door.

We need your help to be there for parents and children in crisis so that they can have the brighter future that they deserve.