Give Homeless Families the Gift of Home | Red Door Family Shelter

Give Homeless Families the Gift of Home

Families at the Red Door need your help this holiday season, more than ever.

For women and children fleeing domestic violence or for families facing homelessness, the holidays can be challenging and isolating, even without a global pandemic.  Leaving behind belongings, separating from loved ones, and facing a future full of uncertainty is the reality many families experience when they come to the Red Door Shelter for support.

You can help.

With you by our side, together we can give moms and children a place to call home.

"I love my new home! I’m looking forward to decorating our apartment, dancing, cooking, putting up the tree, and opening gifts with my family." -Michael, age 8

In challenging times like these, we’re reminded of just how important it is to be there for one another. Today you can help give parents in crisis the safety and compassionate care that they need for themselves and their children, and maintain the safety of everyone in our shelters during COVID-19.  You can help families heal, find hope and a place to call home where they can realize their dreams of new beginnings.  Your donation helps us provide dedicated support in the following ways: 

  • Safety and Sanctuary: providing moms and their children with immediate sanctuary and a plan that will safeguard against future contact with their abuser.
  • Counselling and legal support: providing emotional support, counselling and guidance through the legal and/or immigration process.
  • Housing and Outreach:  helping families secure safe and affordable housing when the time is right.

The need is urgent. Every year over 200 homeless families seek shelter at the Red Door.

People like you make it possible for us to help families in crisis. We need your help more than ever. Journeys filled with healing, hope and the promise of home are possible with your support!