Help Mothers and Children find Safety | Red Door Family Shelter

Help Mothers and Children find Safety

Imagine fearing for your life — and your children’s — but having nowhere safe to turn. What would you do?

Every night, that fear is real for more than 1,000 mothers with young children seeking emergency shelter in Toronto.  Many of whom are living in danger and fleeing domestic violence.

“I knew that my children were in jeopardy if we stayed any longer.”

It is a mother’s strongest instinct to protect her children from harm even if that means risking everything.  Many brave mothers arrive at the Red Door fleeing desparate situations - but they’re fuelled by their determination to make a brighter future for their children.

You can help.

Your support saves lives. Your donations fund the vital programs that go beyond food and shelter to keep brave moms and their kids safe, help them heal, and provide the support they need to build a brighter future.

  • Safety and Sanctuary: providing moms and their children with immediate sanctuary and a plan that will safeguard against future contact with their abuser.
  • Counselling and legal support: providing emotional support, counselling and guidance through the legal or immigration process.
  • Housing and Outreach:  support to secure safe and affordable housing when the time is right.

The need is urgent. Every year over 200 homeless moms stay at the Red Door with their children.

We need your help to be there for mothers and children in crisis so that they can have the brighter future that they deserve.