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Save the Red Door - Key Step Forward

We are very happy to announce a key step forward in our campaign!

On May 22nd, Councillor Paula Fletcher put forth a motion at the Community Development and Recreation Committee meeting to commit the City to work towards a solution for Red Door.  The motion passed unanimously. Now the motion will go to full City Council at their June 10th/11th meeting.

Our next step will be to gain support of City Council to pass this motion.  With the motion passed, it would commit the City to finding a solution, using all mechanisms, including funding to maintain the continuity of the services provided by the Red Door Shelter on Queen Street East, and support the Red Door to "establish its new home within any development of the property, relocate to a new property on Queen Street East, or undertake to establish a title claim to the property".

Here is how you can help now:

We need your councillor’s support of the motion to work towards a solution for Red Door.  Please phone your councillor and ask for their commitment on this upcoming motion.  Key points to address:

• The Red Door is a critical service for our city, helping over 600 homeless families each year
• A refuge for homeless families is more important than condos.
• The Red Door needs your support to keep their doors open at 875 Queen St. East
• On June 10th/11th, please support Councillor Paula Fletcher's motion to Save Red Door

Click here to find your city councilors' contact information

We need to reach 50,000 petition signatures before the June 10th/11th Council meeting to demonstrate the incredible community support for Red Door.  Please sign our online petition and share widely with your contacts:

You can also donate to help our campaign at

We look forward to sharing more good news with you soon.

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