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Our New Family Shelter is in Sight!

We are very excited to see our new family shelter starting to take shape!  Members of our executive team were given a tour inside the new building, still under construction, with developer Chris Harhay, and Sara Reid, Project Manager for the City of Toronto.  “This is a major milestone.  We’re thrilled to see our new shelter getting closer to reality”, says Carol Latchford, Executive Director.

With construction continuing on track, our next goal is to secure the furnishings and equipment needed to operate the shelter.  So far $2.8 million dollars has been raised towards our $3 million dollar goal.  We anticipate opening the doors to our new shelter in March 2020.

Learn more about the project and help us reach our goal by donating at reddoorshelter.ca/building-hope

Carol Latchford, Ann Elliott, Sara Reid, Chris Harhay, Greg Sheldrake

Executive Director Carol Latchford (left), board members Anne Elliott (left), and Greg Sheldrake (far right) with Sara Reid (centre), and Chris Harhay (right)

our new shelter under construction

Our new shelter under construction - seen from Booth Ave.

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