We're Here for Each Other | Red Door Family Shelter

We're Here for Each Other

In times like these, we are reminded of just how important it is to be there for one another.  The basic needs and rights for all of us to be safe, healthy and happy become ever more clear in the face of a crisis.

We are truly grateful at the Red Door to be part of a community of care - the generosity and support that we receive from people like you, and in turn the help and critical support that we are able to provide for those in need: mothers fleeing intimate partner violence, refugees, and homeless families with nowhere else to turn.

When Paula needed help, together we were there for her.  After 3 years of working hard as a temporary resident worker, she was finally able to bring her daughter and husband to Canada.  She never thought that she would become the victim of abuse, but sadly she began to suffer at the hands of her husband.

She needed to flee with her daughter. The bright future she had pictured for her family became blurred, but because of her daughter, she did not lose hope, and they found refuge at the Red Door.

“The shelter helped me a lot for daily living, emotionally, legal matters, and offered me counselling.” She found a job, saved some money, and applied for housing with the help of the shelter. “I have now my own place with my daughter. New home, new beginning, lots of hope with peace and happy living just the two of us.” Paula is grateful for the continued support she receives through Red Door’s Outreach program, including the food bank, and remains positive.

“We might have different hardships in life. We get hurt a lot of times, we fall, we cry. It’s ok not to be ok sometimes but never give up. We can always start. Think positive.”

When we work together to help each other, we change lives. We ensure that no one is left behind, and we build a better, stronger community. 

Thank you for your support.