Thank You for Giving Hope for the Holidays | Red Door Family Shelter

Thank You for Giving Hope for the Holidays

The holiday season can be an emotionally difficult time for families living in a shelter, many of whom bravely left their homes to escape an abusive partner or are refugees seeking sanctuary in Canada - but thankfully it is also when our community of supporters like you really open your hearts to make a difference.

Thanks to you, families living at our shelters and those recently housed, felt so much love and support, and experienced a holiday season filled with warmth and joy.

We received many gifts of toys, toiletries, housewares, food and winter clothing from kind people like you, which families received with heartfelt gratitude.  And generous financial donations large and small helped to make special holiday celebrations possible.

From festive holiday parties to fun-filled activities and outing for kids at our shelters, your gifts have meant the world to kids and families and have touched many lives.

Your caring support during this time of year is so important.  “Families can enjoy the holiday season at a time when their lives are upside down. Celebrating the holidays together promotes a sense of inclusion and is a nice break from the stress of their daily worries about things like housing and money,” says Wanda Lougheed, Director of Client Services.

Thank you so much for making the holiday season bright for families at the Red Door Shelter.  

With support from a compassionate community of people like you, we can look forward to a new year of hope for families affected by homelessness and abuse.  Together we can continue to transform lives, and make bright futures possible.

a colourful infographic

a colourful infographic