Our Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan | Red Door Family Shelter

Our Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan

Our Vision:

Ending family homelessness one family at a time.

Our Mission:

We provide safe, temporary refuge and vital services that enable families to rebuild their lives and establish themselves in their communities.

Our Values:

Compassion: We believe all people are deserving of respect. Therefore we celebrate our diversity and uniqueness, and treat each other with kindness, empathy and dignity.

Equity: We recognize that systemic barriers privilege some people and hold others back. Therefore we strive to deliver inclusive services, work to address discrimination and end cycles of violence and poverty.

Collaboration: We know that we are stronger together. Therefore, we build effective relationships, work as teams and partner for excellence and impact.

Integrity: We are responsible for resources entrusted to us. Therefore we measure, achieve and report our results, strive to learn and improve continuously, and behave at all times in a manner that is ethical, transparent and professional.

Red Door Strategic Plan

Our Priorities:

  • Seeking an end to family homelessness through the provision of stable housing and innovative, client-driven programs and services.
  • Working towards ending the cycles of violence and poverty by raising awareness about social justice issues at a community level. 
  • Strengthening local partnerships to support the provision of French Language services and to increase opportunities for our clients.

Our Actions:

  • Enhance supports for children and families through strengths-based programs, individual case-management, self-advocacy and life-skills to promote independent living.
  • Establish stable, short term housing through securing a new permanent location for Red Door Shelter, and work towards a long term housing system geared to client needs.
  • Collaborate with key partners such as Francophone shelters, schools and agencies to improve client services and build awareness.

Our Accountabilities:

  • Ensure staff leadership through education and training to assist our team approach to identifying, developing and leading innovative programs to meet client needs.
  • Ensure advocacy for the homeless through securing sufficient capital and operational funding for Red Door Shelter to continue to provide high quality community service.
  • Ensure responsibility to stakeholders through reports and regular communication updates on our website and other social media.