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Keesha's Story

Keesha came to the shelter with three young children in the beginning of 2009. She was fleeing an emotionally and physically abusive husband and was suffering from post partum depression. Through the Red Door, Keesha received support from staff and was connected with the South Riverdale Community Health Centre and Dr. Rowe for psychiatric support around post partum depression. She was connected with a family lawyer as well as counseling for her and her children.

Keesha’s husband made several attempts to get her to return to him while she was in the shelter. He even sent his family members to the shelter to try to talk her into going back to him, but she was very sure that she did not want to reconcile with him. She arranged for her two eldest children to see their father on weekends and this worked for a short period, until one day in a final attempt to get her to return to him, he did not return the children from their weekend visit.

With the support of shelter staff, Keesha went to court and got an ex-parte order to have her children returned to her custody which should have been enforced by the Police when they escorted her to get her children from her husband, but was not.  Keesha had to be transferred to another shelter for safety reasons in mid-year, as her husband’s family started to become aggressive in their efforts to get her to return home. At Keesha’s request, an arrangement was made between the two shelters to have the Red Door continue to provide court support to her for continuity of service.

Keesha was without contact with her two eldest children for almost 3 months. She regained full custody of her children in September, after several court appearances. Keesha and all of her children are reunited and getting support through Red Door’s Outreach Department. With the help of our staff she was able to move into subsidized housing with her three children.

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