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Mary's Story

My name is Mary.  I came to the Red Door with my two young children fleeing from years of abuse. Looking back, I am not sure how or when the abuse began.

"The Red Door was a place to heal and find new hope for me and my children."

It may have been the daily insults from my husband, or the conflicts he created but I felt isolated from my friends and family. One day his anger became more than just words and I realized I was living a life that no longer was my own.

The Red Door was a place to heal and find new hope for me and my children. It felt like no time had gone by and we began to heal and were ready to start again.

When we were getting ready to move out of the shelter, I met my outreach worker. She continued to help us after we left the shelter helping us get settled and connected to our new community.

In addition to our new apartment I had also started a new job. I had a new sense of independence and confidence that I had not felt in many years. But I started to face new struggles and my confidence began to fade.

I was afraid that I would fail and that my children would pay for my mistakes. I wondered if I should return to my husband, in spite of the abuse. I thought of this too often.

My outreach worker truly kept me from returning to my abusive partner. She provided us all with food and food vouchers, small things for around the apartment, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, new clothes and toys for the kids… so many things.

She also spoke with my new employer to make sure that my new job was not in jeopardy when I had to take time to appear in court. She came with me to the court and was so supportive. I don’t think that I could have faced my husband alone.

Looking back now, it’s hard to recognize the dark place we all were in before the Red Door. We have all come so far and finally feel safe, happy and like there is a real future in front of us.

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