Mother and Child | Red Door Family Shelter

Mother and Child

Samina, the mother of one small child, is an immigrant to Canada whose husband abandoned her and returned to their home country.  

Samina spent eleven months at our Family Shelter waiting for subsidized housing in which time she acquired a huge stockpile of clothing, toys and household items from the donations made to the shelter. When she was transferred to our VAW Shelter, we were able to move those items with her via the Moving Program.  

When her new home was ready we moved all of her belongings as well as furniture from our storage and we had been able to match her move with a pick-up of donated furniture.  Samina could not believe how much she received and was delighted with everything she got and grateful for all of the support she had received from Red Door during her episode of homelessness.

Learn about our Moving Program and how you can help a mother like Samina.