Window of Opportunity | Red Door Family Shelter

Window of Opportunity

Once in a while all of the pieces fall into place so we can go beyond our usual services to families. This is one such story.  Recently, our Downtown East shelter welcomed Denadji who was fleeing abuse with her two children ages 5 and 7.

The husband was being held until Monday morning.  He had a history of destroying most of the contents of their apartment.  Denadji asked for help in trying to get their possessions out before he returned.

On that same day, a Friday, Agnes went into high gear, arranged for storage near their apartment and called Nancy at the Moving Program to find out if they could do the moving. The Moving Program inserted that move into a full schedule so it could be done on Saturday. Mayaya and Batanga our driver and his assistant put in some long hours and got it accomplished.  We celebrate this happy ending and the opportunity to make it happen!

Learn about our Moving Program and how you can help.