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Julie's Story

Julie arrived at the shelter with a broken nose and two black eyes, her crying baby in her arms.

Her hurried escape from her violent husband hadn’t been easy. He didn’t want to let her go and fought hard to make her stay. As Julie packed her bags, he punched her and sent her flying.

He said he was sorry. He helped to clean up the blood. But still she took her daughter and ran.

She needed to survive.

Julie’s partner had started abusing her when she fell pregnant. It was both physical and emotional. And he was cheating on her too. She had found him secretly contacting other women. He beat her up when she confronted him about it.

Things finally came to a head one day after she discovered another affair. That was the day she ran with her baby and came to the Red Door Family Shelter. Now Julie is finally free.

 Sadly, Julie was one of 105 brave moms who had to flee to the Red Door last year because of domestic violence. The most dangerous time for an abused woman is when she attempts to leave her abuser. But moms and their kids are safe at the Red Door Family Shelter.   

“If you’re leaving an abusive situation and you just take your kids and run, everything is provided there for you. You’re kept safe. I can’t express my gratitude enough.”

It is because of people like you that we can provide safe sanctuary for moms like Julie when they run from violence. Without people like you, Julie would have had nowhere to go. Her life and her baby’s future would still be at risk from her abusive partner.

Julie has a long road ahead of her now that she is alone with her child. Her husband was charged and arrested. She will never return to him. Her body is healing. But it will take time for Julie to heal emotionally while she begins to rebuild her life, without fear of abuse

It is so important to help protect abused moms like Julie, and their children. Yet on any given night in Canada, about 300 women and children escaping domestic violence are turned away because shelters are already full.

That is why it is vital that we give every mom at the Red Door Shelter the help she needs to stay safe and to heal. She must never face abuse again and our red doors must stay open for more women fleeing violence.

It is thanks to people like you, that moms who have fled abuse and are seeking sanctuary at the Red Door can receive the dedicated support they need to build bright futures.

Legal representation, counseling, education opportunities, healthcare, childcare and help to find work and housing, are all provided, depending on each person’s unique needs.

If Julie’s story has touched your heart, please know that you can truly make a difference for moms at the shelter today.

Freedom from abuse is in your hands with your gift to the Red Door Family Shelter today. Your donation will provide sanctuary for abused moms, and help them to build bright futures for their children.