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Nadia's Freedom Journey

It's hard to imagine how Nadia must have felt the night she took her 4 children and fled from her abusive husband. But she will never go back.

Nadia’s life was unbearable. Tormented and abused by her husband, every day was a living nightmare. And her precious children? Nadia was in despair. She didn’t want them to grow up in an atmosphere of fear and violence. No. They should be happy and carefree! It seemed impossible but Nadia knew that she had to do something before it was too late.

What would you do if you were in Nadia’s shoes?

Even though she was terrified her husband would come after them, Nadia was determined to break free. She wanted a chance at a better life with her kids. Her courage is undeniable. To leave an abuser is the most perilous thing of all. 25% of women murdered by their spouse are killed after they have left the relationship. 

After her daring escape, Nadia was totally alone with 4 kids to care for, including a severely autistic child. When her husband tried to find them he was already too late. Nadia had reached the safety of the Red Door Shelter where she and her children received the care and support that they desperately needed.

Every year over 100 abused women like Nadia find safety and support at the Red Door Shelter.

Nadia and her kids lived at the Red Door for 6 months and slowly adapted to life without abuse.  Nadia was helped to remain safe from her abuser and build her new life as a single mother of 4 children. She didn’t need to worry about how to keep a roof over their heads or where their next meal would come from. All of that was taken care of for her.

Devastatingly, each year in Canada, an estimated 362,000 children witness or experience family violence. Because of their experiences, both Nadia and her kids needed emotional and practical support at the Red Door. The children got settled in school and Nadia was connected to support services for her autistic son. After a while they were ready to move on.

With Red Door’s help, Nadia was able to find and move her family into an apartment. A new home means a fresh start, but rebuilding a life isn't easy. Due to the severe shortage of affordable housing, Nadia has no choice but to pay private market rent. On average families like Nadia’s spend 76% of their income on rent alone, leaving little money for anything else.

Brave moms like Nadia who take their kids and leave their partner are over 5 times more likely to live in poverty than if they had stayed. But no-one should have to live with abuse. Nadia needs our support to continue to build a bright future. 

Right now Nadia receives support from the Red Door Outreach Team. Sometimes she just needs an understanding person to talk to. Sometimes she needs help contacting government services. When she is in a particularly tight spot financially she uses the food bank. Whatever she needs to be able to stay housed, Red Door is there.

From safe emergency shelter to emotional and practical support, help to find and move into an apartment and ongoing support to remain housed, your donations support the vital services that help brave single moms like Nadia to create positive change.

Despite all the adversity Nadia is very independent. She is determined to fulfill her vision of freedom and happiness for her and her children. Nadia’s next priority is to start college so she can increase her income. With your help, Nadia can make this happen.

Women like Nadia are strong but starting a new life as a single parent after leaving an abusive spouse is not easy.  Please donate today to support Nadia and other single moms on their freedom journey.